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Executive Director, Fathers House Educational Foundation

Dr. John W. Turner, Jr. is Executive Director of Father’s House Educational Foundation.  The Father's House mission is to build up believers and give them exciting, educational experiences in the lands of the Bible to enliven and enlarge their passion for the Scriptures.

John and Roxie married in August of 1975.  They are blessed with five children and fifteen grandchildren (so far).

Since 1981, Dr. Turner has served continuously as a pastor of churches in California and Texas.  Today, he is pastor of New Prospect Baptist Church in Nemo, Texas.  Each week he also serves as Ministry Advisor of NAUMS, Inc. (www.umsi.org), an educational community called to a Kingdom model of disciple making that begins in the home.  He is author of the definitive book, Character-Driven College Preparation: The Mission and Method of the University-Model® School.  He often speaks to parent, church, and school groups.

Out of the many Father's House journeys since 2008, Dr. Turner has developed a series of “Living Lessons from the Land.” These can be stand alone messages or taught in series, according to the occasion in your congregation or community.  He will come to wherever you are on a cost reimbursement basis.  Any voluntary offerings or honoraria from these teachings are donated to the Father’s House General Fund for the support of the foundation’s mission.  To schedule Dr. Turner, write him at jturner@fathershousefoundation.com.

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